Sunday, July 19, 2009

In Aachen


As usual I went the completely wrong way today and did some extra km. But after some time I found a good road that took me all the way to Aachen where the local pirates was waiting for me.

Started skating quite late though, after 2 hours of breakfast eating every piece of food available in Steffen´s fridge more or less, ehe. But all good, he seemed okay with it. Still though, having slept at so many peoples houses, it's awesome every time that people show me this hospitality.

Oh well, around 75 km today and tomorrow I will go somewhere halfways to Brussels. If somebody can help me with accommodation, please send an e-mail to me. The belgian Pirate party does not reply when I e-mail them, and that's a shame. I will try again.

Was supplied with two great pizzas today by the Pirates and had a nice time both meeting up with the local pirates and talking to Sait, the guy whose house I'm crashing at. And this will be my last meeting with the Piratenpartei for this time.

Short one now, I want to sleep.


/Johan Lundström

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  1. Det finns tydligen chans att du träffar Christian ändå, eftersom han flyger till Bryssel i morgon måndag och tillbaka på onsdag. Du räknar alltså med att anlända till Bryssel på tisdag kväll?