Saturday, July 18, 2009

In Mönchengladbach


Still alive, and thats pretty amazing after today. As I can't use my crappy map (it has only got the big highways on it) I rely on my compass. Today that didn't go very well. Even though I had a great, energizing breakfast in my tummy.

Started the day with going 12 km extra, as that was the distance I was driven yesterday from Essen centre to Will's house. Then I just skated on the whole day, initially through some really steep slopes. For the first time, I went on a serpentine road (is that what it's called, the road that is winding up the steep slopes as it is too steep to make a straight road?) and then I had some really good downslopes waiting. And the police stopped me as well, as I skated on the road like all the bikers was supposed to do. I should have known, inlines is a toy and for security reasons should always be used on walking paths. Because that is much safer. And a bike on a road is much less likely to be run over by a car than a inline-skater. Right.

Anyway, tonight I had a really nice night after a long day trying to find the right way. A delicious dinner, not BBQ this time though =) On the picture, you see the pirates I met today and my lovely host in Mönchengladbach to the far left.

Tomorrow the pirates in Aachen will meet up with me and they will be the last members of the Piratenpartei I will meet on this trip I think because after that I head towards Brussels.

It's late, too late, now.



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