Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In Osnabrück


So, I'm in Osnabrück now after another day of zick-sagging all across Germany. And well, I did about 65 km today I think. An easy, relaxing day after a lot of problems with my wheels. You can't see it on the map, but from Rotenburg I went to Verden where my wheels just totally gave up. I then went to Bremen to fix them, which made my trip quite a bit longer.

Bad quality is the cause of the wheel problems, since the rubber of the wheel has started to loosen and fall of the wheel itself. This should not happen to these wheels, especially as these wheels are what they claim to be highest quality. Well well, in Bremen I went to Karstedt sports as usual. The last time I was there, they gave me really good plasters for the blisters on my feet and helped me with my sticks for free. This time I got 7 new wheels and 8 new bearings for... 20 euro! The blue wheels I had before cost 35 euro for 4 wheels and bearings normally cost like 30 euro for 16 bearings. So you see, this was amazingly cheap and I even got all the service with changing wheels and stuff. It's wicked, and I won't use another sports shop than Karstedt in Germany after this. Free advertisment, that's what I give them in return, heh...

If you look at the pictures you will see Fritz of Rotenburg and Josefine of Bremen on them, two amazing people helping me out on this trip that I've already mentionen in previous posts.

And today I'm getting a place to stay in Osnabrück, Matthias of the Piratenpartei and his family is giving me support, food and a place to stay. A great thank you goes to you and your family, Matthias, for all your hospitality.

And the picture with the tent on is my previous night, I slept in my tent at a German family's garden. They gave me food, a shower but most of all a lot of interesting chats. Well, maybe I already said something about that? Well, here it is again.

So tomorrow I'll do another short day when heading for Münster. I will tonight also, with help from Matthias, awaken the Piratenpartei in Germany. Now, actually. We will see what happens tomorrow...

Oh, and the picture of me doing thumbs down is me feeling really low when my expensive wheels are falling apart. Also the fact that the shop I bought them from is doesn't exist in Germany makes me unhappy - it means I can't get my money back until I'm home again. Doh.

Well: Brussels, here I come!

/Johan Lundström


  1. Atleast you are awesome, bad wheels or not... :)

    GoGo Bryssel!

  2. Nice! Not far now..
    How many pounds have you gained during the rolling ride? :D

    I'm impressed and somewhat envious. A great thing to do. I hope you'll get the recognition you deserve...
    If you ever have your ways by STHLM a bottle of Champagne are waiting for you.

  3. Fatta hur långt du har tagit dig, det är så imponerande!
    Jag hoppas att Trästock kommer bli bra utan dig, vi får väl filma delar av det så du får titta på det och inte känna dig bortglömd :)

    Vi följer dina inlägg med rss-feed, härligt att se dina framsteg :)

  4. Now, I am kinda biased, but if you need new pants in Germany, drop by a surplus store. They should have their army pants for about 5 euros and they are comfortable and easy to move in.

    Good luck. We are all rooting for you - and give MEP Christian Engström my regards :)

  5. Och här ser vi Johan i en radiostudio..?